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62 y/o man from Ulen, Indiana, USA
Seeking a woman from 60 to 61 years old.
Average stuff, pretty much. I’m an average guy with an average job and an average body, (not fat) sense of humor (it’s more than average) and all the average guy crap. I smoke a little, but not all the time and gave up drinking. (better than average talent at bad judgment in the past already- don’t need the help anymore!) I look younger than average and think younger as well. I have an average sorted past but don’t have a police record. (is that average or not?) I now lead an average life (although it wasn’t always that way, we could talk about my 30 years in the music business!) I am a single dad to a 6 year old daughter (not so average at 52) We live in an average apartment in Boulder, CO. (not so average place) and love it here. I want a funny, cute, honest average (looking slimmer and younger than average) lady looking for a real, (more than average) honest guy with all the average stuff to live a loving life (hopefully better than average) like all the average people who sound and look like Rock Stars in their profiles online. (are they average?) They won’t be happy with me. I’m not looking for Barbie, but Lara Croft would be nice. Please be funny, able, single and have a sense of humor and adventure! Been 3 years alone and tired of being that way (pretty average). Send an average message and in an average time, I’ll reply, probably with something average…….(at first!) You/I think chemistry is VERY important. You/I find my picture at least non-nauseating. You/I can deal with me having a small child. You respect single dads. You live fairly close to Boulder, CO. or will travel. You/I have weekends free. You/I are interested in Long Term. You/I are not too overweight. You/I love mage. You/I still have sexual urges. You/I still have emotional urges. You/I are single. You want to find out more about who I am. You/I are VERY honest- let's don't waste time.

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